The Litchfield Audi RS3 is an absolute monster

One of the options for the Audi RS3 is the increased top speed limit. Whereas the stock RS3 tops out at glacial 155 mph, the upgraded top speed limit is 174 mph. What does Audi do to make that happen? Check a different box in the software of the car. That’s all. And what does Audi charge for such a thing? In the UK, around £1,600 and in the US it comes bundled into a $4,800 Dynamic Plus Package. And it’s a completely useless option for anyone outside of Germany, where you can actually use the speed. In America, if you get caught doing 120 mph, you’re losing your driver’s license. Forget 155 mph or even 174 mph.

But what if you must go that fast. What if an unlimited top speed is necessary for your RS3. Well, don’t pay Audi to make it happen, pay Litchfield.

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The British-based tuning company has a package for the Audi RS3 that not only completely removes the speed limiter but increases power as well. And it does so incredibly easily, with a tuning package that’s completely reversible, and on the cheap. The cost of Litchfield’s tuning package? $1936.02.

What’s most impressive is what you get for your money, though. Rather than Audi’s package, which just adds sport suspension and the high top speed, basically, a Litchfield Audi RS3 is a lot faster. Thanks to just an engine tune and new intercooler, to keep temps at a reasonable level, the Litchfield Audi RS3 makes 507 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque from its 2.5 liter turbocharged I5 engine. That’s a huge upgrade from the standard car’s 400 hp and 354 lb-ft, especially considering how little has been done to it.

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Even more impressive is how usable and civilized it is. Being that Litchfield doesn’t change a single other component on the car (Even the exhaust and stock catalytic converters remain), it drives remarkably similar to the standard car at low speed. Squeeze the throttle, though, and you soon realize how wildly fast it is. If it were my money, I don’t see why I wouldn’t spring for the Litchfield tune.

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