LEAKED: Audi TTS Facelift photos leaked ahead of release

There have been some spy photos surfacing of the Audi TT facelift, recently. These photos showed us the newly facelifted Audi TT driving around wearing some camouflage. Now, though, official photos of the Audi TTS have been leaked ahead of its official release and it shows a slightly updated car that does manage to look a bit better.

These new photos have come from an Instagram user that recently posted them. They’re a bit low-res but we can see enough of the new TTS to recognize the subtle changes. And they are subtle, though effective.

So what has changed, you ask? At the front, it gets a new grille, most notably. The current, pre-facelift Audi TTS sports a large Singleframe grille with horizontal bars. The new, facelifted TTS gets a new hexagonal design in its grille, which makes it look a bit sportier, more aggressive.

Underneath that grille, the front lip sort of bows upward, similar to the newly facelifted Audi A4, and it gets more angular air intakes with new vertical air vents inside them. The changes are subtle but, especially when you look at the pre-facelift car, they make a big difference.

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Out back, the changes are a bit more noticeable. The pre-facelift Audi TTS has a bit of a bland rear end, with very little in terms of visual excitement. While the newly facelifted car isn’t an R8 out back, it does have a new horizontal line across the back with new vertical vents that flank either end of it. It also seems to get a newly trimmed rear diffuser and new OLED taillights.

Inside the new Audi TTS, it seems basically the same as the current car, with very few, if any, changes. Though, that’s not a bad thing, as the interior of the TT has always been a strong suit.

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There’s no word on powertrains or specs but we don’t expect big changes, as the TTS is still quite competitive in the segment. Though, the new styling changes help keep it looking fresh against its new competitors.

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