LEAKED: Audi RS6 Avant photos potentially leaked on Instagram

Earlier today, we spoke about how it’s possible that the upcoming Audi RS6 Avant could be revealed today. More than that, it’s also possible that Audi would announce the uber-wagon’s first-ever appearance in the US market. It seems as if at least the former is true, as some potentially official photos have just leaked on Instagram.

IG account “Wilco Blok” recently posted three new photos of the Audi RS6 Avant, all of which seem to be official. While I won’t say how I know, I will say that I can almost guarantee that these are the official photos from Audi that have, in fact, been leaked somehow.

In these photos, we see an Audi RS6 Avant in some sort of grey paint from the front, rear and side. From just those angles, the new Audi Uber-Wagen (said with a poor German accent) looks extremely aggressive. The lower front air intakes are triangular and massive and its entire front bumper seems to stick out two inches in every direction. It’s a very aggressive face. I think it’s better sorted about back, with a bit of rear trim that sort of wraps around the two massive oval exhausts. From the rear, you can really see its widened hips and it looks mega.


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From the side, it looks low and mean, as its massive new wheels fill its flared wheel arches. There’s also some added body lines at the top of those blistered wheel arches, emphasizing their size. One thing’s for certain, love it or hate it, it has a ton of road presence.

We don’t get a look at it’s interior in these photos but I can assure you that you’re in for a surprise or two. There’s also no word on power, specs or performance. However, it’s safe to assume that a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 will power it, making over 600 hp. The official Audi RS6 Avant reveal can’t come soon enough.

[Source: Wilco Blok]
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