Lamborghini to debut Centenario at 2016 Geneva Auto Show

Lamborghini’s been making quite a bit of news lately, as we’ve just seen spy shots of a possible Huracan SV and heard quite a bit about the upcoming Urus SUV. But the Italian firm isn’t done yet and told Auto Express that it will be debuting a limited-production coupe at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show to celebrate the 100 years since Ferrucio Lamborghini’s birth.

Lamborghini Astern Concept (Autoblog)
Lamborghini Astern Concept (Autoblog)

Thanks to Auto Express’ recent interview with Lamborghini CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, we know have some details about what this car might be. Firstly, it will most likely be badged the Centenary, or century (but not to be confused with the dreadful Buick Century). According to Winkelmann, “It is a car which is covering the best balance between tradition and innovation because we are speaking about performance, design, weight, aerodynamics and also the chassis in terms of adaptability control.” to which he continued, “You are familiar with our one-offs – it will be something like this, a coupe bodystyle. And it will initiate the celebration of the 100 years.”

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When asked if the Centenario would look like the Huracan, Winkelmann said “That’s unthinkable,” followed by “The car we will show will be a completely different design from both Huracán and Aventador.” According to one of Auto Express’ inside sources, the Centenario is “beautiful and not as extreme as you might expect”. To us, that sounds like it could possibly be similar to the Asterion Concept that debuted at the Paris Auto Show last year. This would make sense, as 2+2 coupes were the kinds of cars that Ferrucio himself loved most. The very first two Lamborghini’s, the 350 GT and 400 GT were such cars. The 2+2 Gran Touring car is actually more authentically Lamborghini than the scissor-doored supercars we’ve come to know and love recently.


The 20 lucky buyers of this car will likely be treated with one of the more special Lamborghinis built in a very long time. Think about it, the last Italian company to celebrate its founder with a car was Ferrari and that turned out to be pretty damn special — The Enzo.

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