Lamborghini to make RWD Huracan

Lamborghini, the Italian supercar brand owned by Audi, is the creator of the mid-engined supercar, the Huracan. Named after the Spanish work for Hurricane, and a famous fighting bull, the Huracan is a 602 horsepower, all-wheel drive Italian thoroughbred whose platform is shared by the Audi R8. The Huracan is an outstanding car that enthusiasts drool over, but if there’s even been a complaint about it, it’s that it lacks a bit of the drama typically associated with Lamborghinis. Much of that has to do with the all-wheel drive system, which is geared more toward safe understeer than anything else. Well, Lamborghini has decided to remedy that.


The Sant’ Agata firm has developed a new Huracan, dubbed the LP580-2. The ‘2’ at the end of the name signifies its two-wheel drive setup. We’ve seen this before on the previous rear-wheel drive Lamborghini, the Gallardo Balboni Edition. While this new Huracan loses two driven wheels, it also loses some horsepower and torque. Instead of 602 hp and 413 lb-ft of torque, this new LP580-2 Huracan has 571 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque. The reason for the power decrease is to make the car a bit more tolerable with just two driven wheels. 571 hp is still quite a bit to put to just two tires.

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But don’t expect a dramatic performance loss. In fact, there may not be any performance loss at all, because with the fewer wheels, this new Huracan loses some weight, 73 lbs in fact. This means that the dry weight of the car (no fluids or passengers) is only 3,062 lbs. that should make quite a difference. 0-62 mph is quoted at 3.4 seconds and it will have a top speed of 199 mph. That’s actually a far cry from the 2.9 seconds that the Huracan is normally capable of from 0-60 mph, but expect the LP580-2 to be a bit faster than its claimed 3.4 seconds.


The Huracan is a special car, one that has a ton of power, makes a great noise and is one of the best handling Lamborghinis in recent memory. Ditching the front driven wheels only makes it cooler and more exciting and possibly even better handling, as much of that understeer will now be gone. Even if it does lose a little bit of performance to the all-wheel drive model, this new RWD model should be the more fun, more Lamborghini-like version. Being that we’ll never see a rear-wheel drive Audi R8, or any Audi for that matter, this Huracan LP580-2 will have to do. What a shame.

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