Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is the electric supercar of the future

When you think Lamborghini, you probably aren’t thinking about EVs or hybrids. Instead, you’re probably thinking of howling V12s and about a million horsepower. Well, that thinking might soon change, as the Sant’Agata brand has now revealed its latest concept car — the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio.

Meaning “Third Millennium” in Italian, the Terzo Millennio is designed to represent a view so far forward Lamborghini claims it’s from the year 3,000. It’s a wild supercar concept that bucks all traditional Lamborghini trends of big displacement, naturally-aspirated engines and violent dynamics. In place of those typical Lamborghini characteristics is a high-tech vision for what supercars could be like. Though, one typical Lamborghini characteristic remains. Passion.

Lamborghini feels that supercars don’t have to lose their passion or flare once they go electric. Instead, it actually allows Lamborghini to have more of a blank canvas than it’s had since the Miura. So what you get is something extreme in both its looks and its performance. What you get is the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio.

“We are inspired by embracing what is impossible today to craft the realities of tomorrow,” said Lamborghini boss Stefano Domenicali. “Lamborghini must always create the dreams of the next generation.”

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To create the Terzo Millennio, Lamborghini actually teamed up with MIT to create the one of the wildest electric powertrains we’ve ever seen. For instance, rather than conventional lithium-ion battery packs, the Terzo Millennio will use supercapacitors and Lamborghini wants to make a pack of them that can easily regenerate with little to no degradation. But that’s not the exciting part. The exciting part is just what those supercapacitors will power.

The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio will be us four electric motors, one for each wheel, to put its power down. So instead of the typical N/A V10 or V12, the Terzo will be a fully electric, fully all-wheel drive, real-time torque-vectoring supercar from the future. Lamborghini hasn’t said how many horsepowers there will be but expect there to be many. With four electric motors, it should also rocket off the line like nothing else before it. Eat your heart out, Tesla.

Thanks to the electric motors being mounted at each wheel, that leaves tons of space for Lamborghini to develop a body and passenger cell completely devoid of the typical mechanical restrictions that come with an internal combustion powertrain. So Lamborghini designers have been given far more freedom than they’re used to, thus creating such a wild design. It’s wonderful madness.

It’s impossibly low, with massive flare front wheel arches and enough scoops and aerodynamic bits to make it look like it belongs more on the deck of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier than on the road. The passengers also sit seemingly over the front wheels, thanks to there being no need for an engine there. It’s almost more insect than car. It may not be the prettiest Lamborghini ever made (nothing comes close to the Miura) but it’s certainly interesting to look at and is hard to stop looking at.

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The monocoque chassis will be made entirely from carbon fiber, as will the body. The latter bit is the interesting bit, though, as it will be self-healing. Seriously. Using micro-channels in the body panels, Lamborghini wants to allow the carbon fiber body to automatically detect scratches and fill them with “healing chemistries”. Combine its ability to self heal with its rather polarizing looks, brash styling and vicious performance and the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is practically Deadpool with wheels.

But that’s not all. The Terzo is also said to have autonomous capabilities. Though, not the sort you might be thinking. While most luxury cars have boring traffic-curising autonomy (which this has, too), Lamborghini wasn’t stopping there. So the Terzo Millennio is said to have a system that can help drive the car around a race track, autonomously, to help get the fastest possible lap. It’s even capable of teaching its driver the proper racing lines and the fastest way to get ’round the track. Once it sets its own hot-lap, it actually gives the driver a sort of “ghost car” to follow, so as to help them learn how to be faster. That’s pretty awesome.

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The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio isn’t the prettiest Lambo ever but it’s certainly one we like very much. It’s crazy, interesting and seems to be extremely fast. While it doesn’t features an Audi-sourced naturally-aspirated V10, and electric propulsion still seems a bit odd in a Lambo, it hasn’t lost that Lamborghini madness that we know and love. Instead, it seems it’s bumped the madness up to eleven. If supercars from the year 3,000 are all like this, the future seems bright.

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