Lamborghini is Not for Sale — Audi Denies Offer to Buy Italian Brand

In 1998, Audi purchased Lamborghini for $110 million, so it’s said, and it’s been a fruitful partnership ever since. Both iterations of the Audi R8 have shared their platforms and engines with Lamborghinis; first the Gallardo, followed by the Huracan. It’s a partnership Audi has no intentions on ending, as it’s just denied a large offer to buy the Italian exotic brand, from the Swiss Quantum Group.


The offer was to the tune of €7.5 billion (around $9 billion), which is quite a bit more than Audi paid for the brand more than two decades ago. After receiving the offer, there were rumors that Audi and the VW Group were considering selling the iconic supercar brand but a recent report claims otherwise.

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According to Autocar, a Lamborghini representative reached out to say “Lamborghini is not for sale.” If that’s not cut and dried, I don’t know what is.

It makes sense that Audi wouldn’t want to sell right now. Both Audi and its VW Group parent company are currently pumping quite a bit of development money into Lamborghini at the moment, with word recently coming out that Lamborghini would be developing its own all-electric, two-door GT car. Such an EV GT car would be based on the all-electric PPE architecture shared by Audi and Porsche. Considering that the offer to buy Lamborghini also came with the stipulation that all Lamborghini intellectual property and technology would come with it. I doubt Audi wants to let those plans go.

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Apparently, Audi isn’t even entertaining the idea of partially selling Lamborghini, even if it would still retain the majority of the company.


I’m happy to see Lamborghini stay with Audi. The Italian exotic brand has made some of its best cars over the past few years, with cars like the Huracan Performante and Aventador Superleggera, thanks to Audi’s help. The brands have a fruitful partnership and I’d like to see that continue to prosper over many more years.


[Source: Autocar]
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