Lamborghini Huracan featured in Doctor Strange

Lamborghini has always been a popular brand to show off in movies. Everything from Rocky IV to The Dark Knight to The Wolf of Wall Street, Lamborghinis have always been in movies. And why not? They’re stunning to look at, wonderful to listen to and are one of the automotive symbols of power and excitement. So it makes sense to feature a such a car in movies as they’re always memorable.

The latest Lambo to be featured in a big blockbuster movie is the latest Marvel movie, Doctor Strange. In the new blockbuster movie, Dr. Stephen Strange  drives the new Lamborghini Huracan and it’s the perfect car choice for an arrogant and powerful neurosurgeon.

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“Lamborghini was unquestionably the perfect fit for this project as the Huracán naturally unleashes ones inner Super Hero. The unique story of this new kind of hero mirrors that of the raging bull’s visionary founder Ferruccio Lamborghini; a man capable of creating cars that induce dreams in those who see them and thrills in those who drive them,” said Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Automobili Lamborghini. “Much like many Lamborghini owners, Doctor Strange is a bold, ambitious and pioneering character who reaches beyond the realm of the ordinary and thrives in any situation, despite the challenges ahead.”

The Grigio Lynx Lamborghini Huracan featured in the film was on display at the red-carpet debut of the new movie. It drew an incredible amount of attention and wowed even the movie stars at the event. Check it out and check out Doctor Strange this weekend.

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