Lamborghini Aventador SVJ aiming at Porsche’s Nurburgring lap record

Before the Lamborghini Huracan Performante was officially released, the famed Italian brand took it to the Nurburgring and shattered the production car lap record. It was an incredibly impressive time and the entire industry took notice. It put Lamborghini in the conversation with some incredible hardcore supercars, like the Ferrari 458 Speciale and McLaren 650LT. However, Porsche then quickly took that lap record down by creating one of its own, with the brand-new 911 GT2 RS, a sensationally fast car. Now, though, it seems as if the Italians want their record back, as they’re gunning for Porsche’s Nurburgring lap record with the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is going to be the fastest, most extreme Lamborghini product ever made. For those unaware for Lamborghini’s nomenclature, “SV” stands for “SuperVeloce”, which roughly translates to “Super Speed” in Italian. The “J” is short for “Jota”, which is the Spanish word for the letter J…

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SuperVeloce Lamborghinis have always been the most powerful, the most extreme and fastest cars the engineers in Sant’Agata can come up with. And Jota models have always been the most hardcore, race-inspired models. So this Lamborghini Aventador SV J should be the absolute craziest car in the brand’s lineup.

We don’t know how much power the Aventador SVJ will have but we’re hearing rumors of around 780 hp from its naturally-aspirated V12 engine. It will also have incredible aerodynamics, much like the Huracan Performante. The latter of which will allow the Aventador SVJ to handle as well as needed to tackled Porsche’s Nurburgring record.

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The Porsche 911 GT2 RS set the lap record with a time of 6:47.3. That’s blisteringly fast and destroyed the Huracan’s 6:52.01. And that Huracan used that time to take down the Porsche 918 Spyder. So it seems as if Lamborghini and Porsche are dead set on beating each other. Ironic, being that both cars are under the VW Group umbrella.

While the Italians want to take down the 911 GT2 RS, it doesn’t seem as if they’re ready, though. The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, as incredible as it is, hasn’t yet lapped the ‘Ring quicker than the Porsche. In fact, according to this YouTube video from Misha Charoudin, the new Lambo was only able do a lap of 6:54, which is quite a bit slower than the 911 GT2 RS. However, this was a pre-production test mule that had to do its lap with other cars on the track and had some odd cones in the way on one of the straights. So it didn’t attempt the lap in ideal conditions.

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With how these two brands have been combating each other, we fully expect the Aventador SVJ to take down Porsche’s record once it gets all of the right conditions in line. And then we expect Porsche to break it again.

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