Lamborghini and Ducati Not to be Sold

After the Volkswagen Group was caught rigging its vehicles to artificially lower emissions during testing, many began to speculate that the group may need to sell off some its brands in order to deal with the aftermath. Among the brands which many considered to be potentially on the ‘chopping block’ were Lamborghini and Ducati, both of which are subsidiaries of Audi.
Now, according to Reuters, those fears will likely not be realized. Audi Chief Executive, Rupert Stadler, speaking on the matter said, “Those brands belong to Audi and, together with us, have an excellent future.” Stadler’s reassurance comes amidst the recent change in leadership at Lamborghini, as well as expected growth for all three brands during the current year.
Ducati draXter Concept
Stephan Winkleman, the now former CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, has recently been selected to take up the head position at Audi’s Quattro division, as we’ve previously reported.
Though, thankfully, it appears that both Lamborghini and Ducati have a secure future within the VW Group, many still remain perplexed when trying to ascertain how exactly Volkswagen will generate the funds necessary to cover the costs associated with the emissions scandal. In fact, this may fuel further speculation that other VW brand’s are now more likely to be sold off. Still, the news that Audi and its subsidiaries will remain intact is very welcome.
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