LA Auto Show: Live Photos of our favorite Audis

Today is the first day of the LA Auto Show, one of the largest in North America. While there were no big debuts for Audi in LA, we were still on hand to take some pictures of all of our favorite current Audis. So here are some live photos from the auto show.

In these photos, we see a lot of the usual suspects, such as the Audi TT RS and R8 Spyder. Not that seeing those cars is bad, as we love them and they look great here as well. Especially the Audi R8 Spyder, in its Ibis White paint color and black 20″ wheels. Dare I say it looks better than the coupe? The Audi RS3 Sedan was also there, which is always good to see, as it’s the first RS3 to enter the US and we love it for that. Also, it’s a damn good car.

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The newest car from Ingolstadt at the LA Auto Show was the Audi A8, which spearheads the brand’s lineup of luxury cars. The new A8 mostly looks good. From the front, it looks sharp and angular and angry, like a proper luxury sedan should. From the back, its rear LED light bar taillights look incredibly high-tech and modern. But from the side, it’s a bit bland. In fact, if you look at just its rear wheel, you’d be forgiving for mistaking it as a Volkswagen Passat.

The Audi A8 can look like a Volkswagen Passat

Also, how old does the Audi A6 look now? We know it’s on its way out and Audi is working on a successor but damn does it look ancient. Especially on the LA Auto Show floor next to all of Audi’s brand-new models and its much newer competition.

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Still, there were enough new models to make the Audi stand in LA worth seeing. Check the gallery out below.

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