VIDEO: Ken Block Can Make an Audi e-tron Cool

Audi’s e-tron was an important car for the brand, as it was the first-ever all-electric car it had ever made at the time. The e-tron kicked off the brand’s electric efforts in 2018 and, in the four years since, Audi’s electric portfolio has exploded. However, despite its status as the brand’s electric pioneer, the Audi e-tron has never really been very interesting. Until Ken Block got his hands on one.


Anyone that’s driven the Audi e-tron has essentially said the same thing — it’s fine but mostly uninteresting. Audi wanted the e-tron to be a great luxury SUV, just one that happened to be electric. Which is exactly what it is. As a luxury car, the e-tron is great. As an electric car, sports car, or exciting car, the e-tron falls flat. But what if you give it new wheels with beefy off-road tires, a cool roof rack, a spare tire rack on the trunk, and a matte white/camo wrap?

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Ken Block’s Audi e-tron has exactly those mods and it looks awesome. The e-tron always looked handsome but boring. This one, though, looks killer and like it could take on Moab. Which is ironic because Block built this e-tron to handle both the snowy mountains and sandy deserts of Utah.


Will the Audi e-tron actually be able to handle such treacherous terrain? We’ve never really seen an e-tron do so, so we don’t know what it’s capable of. However, we do know that it likely won’t make the trek from the mountains to the deserts on one charge, as its 200 mile range turns to 150 quickly, especially with Block’s lead foot at the wheel.

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At the end of this video, Block takes the Audi e-tron into Park City, Utah and actually finds some legitimate Banksy artwork, which is an interesting turn of events.


The Audi e-tron isn’t a particularly cool SUV, even if it is a good one. But leave it to Ken Block to make one cool.


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