Jon Olsson’s 800 hp Lamborghini Huracan is for sale

If you remember Jon Olsson’s massively powerful and highly-tuned Audi RS6, which was unfortunately stolen and burned after he sold it, you’d know that the Swedish skier has a knack for tuning already very fast cars. One of his more recent attempts at madness was when he tuned a brand-new Lamborghini Huracan. However, much like all of Olsson’s projects, this Huracan is actually quite civilized.

Despite having 800 hp, Olsson’s Huracan is actually relatively under-stressed. That’s because he fitted it with a supercharger kit that’s somewhat relaxed, as opposed to the massively boosted twin-turbocharged cars he’s done in the past. So it makes 800 hp, which is insane, but it does it with ease.

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He’s also painted it in snow camo, as he normally does being that he’s a famous skier, and given it a roof pod to store…well, skies. But that roof pod can actually store more than just skies, which actually makes it rather practical. It’s no wagon or SUV, but far easier to live with everyday than a typical supercar. And that’s sort of Olsson’s thing, to make practical supercar builds so he can drive them all of the time.

And he does just that. He’s been known to put tens of thousands of miles on his cars, which is a lot for a supercar. However, this Huracan has been kept idle for most of its life, as it only has 2,400 miles on it. That’s barely anything at all, so it’s still in superb condition. And you’re going to pay for that condition, as he’s asking €250,000 ($268,000). If you’ve got the cash, check it out here.

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