Jon Olsson sold his heavily modified Audi RS6 DTM

Jon Olsson has sold his Audi RS6 DTM to a man who owns Auto Leitner located in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. The high performance wagon recently took part in the Gumball 3000 Rally and now is being used as a daily driver after the famous Swedish skier decided that it would be best to just sell it.

This is actually one of the most customized Audi RS6 DTMs ever as the twin-turbo V8 4.0-liter engine has received 18-karat gold anodized TTE9XX turbochargers which have bumped output from the series 560 PS to no less than 950 PS when running on regular fuel while on race gas the power surpasses the 1,000 PS mark.

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Audi RS6 DTM
Audi RS6 DTM

Aside from packing significantly more punch, the Audi RS6 DTM comes with a much more aggressive and wider body kit made from carbon fiber which makes the car look very imposing regardless of the viewing angle. As you can see, the new owner has decided to remove the roof box, but other than that it appears to be the same as before.

The vehicle will be driven by the new owner’s wife for quick trips around town for shopping and other miscellaneous tasks which will be easier to complete behind the wheel of a 950 PS mid-size premium wagon.

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