Jon Olsson is back with a Lamborghini Huracan

Remember awhile back, professional skier and Gumball 3000 veteran Jon Olsson built an insane Audi RS6 Avant with a roof box and enough torque to tug planets out of orbit? Unfortunately, he sold that wonderful RS6 Avant which was later stolen and burned, as we reported quite a while back. It was a sad day for Olsson and all car enthusiasts who followed his epic build. However, don’t be too sad, as Olsson is back and is now making a monster Lamborghini Huracan.

As if the Huracan wasn’t insane enough as it is, with its 602 hp 5.2 liter V10, 0-60 mph time of just 2.9 seconds and a top speed of over 200 mph. Well, apparently that wasn’t enough for Olsson, who’s now working with Swedish tuner Stertman to completely rework the Huracan LP 610-4.

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It’s strange to see such a beautifully crafted machine so stripped down with nearly no body panels left on it, especially when it only has 478 km (297 miles) but this is so Olsson can truly create the machine he wants. What they’re doing is putting little dots on the car and 3D scanning the entire Huracan to create exact panels and parts for the car to make it perfect. “This is the first car I’ve made in 3D,” said Olsson. “I am pretty sure that this will give me the means to take my car building to the next level. My goal with this one is to to be able to drive a mad machine every single day.”

We’re guessing Olsson’s Huracan is going to be as insane as his previous cars and have some sort of roof box for his skis. The tuner he’s working with, Stertman, put two 18-karat gold anodized turbos on his RS6, so don’t be surprised if turbochargers make their way to this Lamborghini. Expect a big power boost, wild body work and a lowered suspension, as that’s the Olsson way. Thankfully, he never does anything that doesn’t look tasteful or high quality, so this will likely be an amazing Huracan.

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