Jeremy Clarkson drives an Audi S8 Plus in The Grand Tour

Episode two of The Grand Tour, the new motoring show from the old Top Gear trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, just recently aired on Friday. The second episode was less about cars and more about the old gang getting back together to act like idiots and have some fun. So they decided to partake in a military training exercise while mimicking the Tom Cruise movie “Edge of Tomorrow” and Oliver Stone’s “Platoon”. Overall, it was ridiculous, nonsensical and hilarious. So, typical Top Gear. Excellent.

However, during the later part of their training exercise, they had to steal a car and drive to a grounded airplane with terrorists holding hostages, one of them being the Queen of England… Of course, this goes miserably and creates some great laughs. But the car that Jeremy Clarkson decides to “steal” was an Audi S8 Plus, because of course there would be one in the middle of a city in Jordan.

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2016 Audi S8 Plus - Side In Motion

Clarkson claims that it makes sense to use a fast Audi “saloon”, as so many action movie chase sequences happen to feature fast Audis. He’s right about that but it’s also a great choice for this sort of thing. It’s incredibly powerful, boasting a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 with¬†605 hp, Quattro all-wheel drive grip and enough seating to save the queen while having Hammond and May fire their weapons out of the windows. So it’s really a great choice for such a thing. Maybe special ops teams the world over should employ S8 Plus’.

Clarkson does complain about understeer a bit, when he tries to do smokey donuts as a diversion, but aside from that is impressed with its military capabilities. It’s great fun to watch, despite how nonsensical it is. Check it out on Amazon Prime.

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