Jalopnik is Giving Away Audi Gear to Raise Money for the NAACP

These are troubled times for America. Not only are we struggling to combat a pandemic that most of the world seems to have already figured out but many of us are coming to the painful realization of just how bad systemic racism has always been and continues to be in our country. To help do their part, Jalopnik is raising money for the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). To do so, they’re hosting a game in which the entry ticket is a $5 donation to the NAACP and the prize, for tomorrow, is some Audi gear.


Last week, Jalopnik’s Slideshow Slog, as it’s called, featured prizes from Acura. Tomorrow, it will be some gear from Audi. All you have to do is donate the $5, take a screenshot of your donation so that you have proof that you did, in fact, donate the money, click through a slideshow of random cars and guess the year, make and model of each of them.

Send your answers to fun@jalopnik.com and the first person to correctly name all of the cars will win the first-place prize. All of the other players who correctly guess all of the cars thereafter will be entered to win the second-place prize.


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Jalopnik will reveal what the prizes are tomorrow and, trust us, you’re going to want to play. Not only that but it’s for a good cause. We all have to do our part, however small it might be, to help bring about positive change. If donating the cost of a fancy Starbucks order is your little bit, than that’s your little bit. Plus, you get a chance to win some cool stuff. We won’t be playing but we’ll still make a donation. So head on over to Jalopnik to see how to play and check their social media channels for more info.


[Source: Jalopnik]
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