Issa Rae is the latest guest on Audi’s Think Faster

On episode three of Audi’s “Think Faster” web series, which sees celebrities being taken around The Streets of Willow race track in a fast Audi at speeds they aren’t accustomed to, we saw Olivia Munn get a bit nauseous. While Munn mostly handled the ride like a champ, and then had some fun behind the wheel herself, the extreme g-forces ended up getting to her and she had to stop. Munn was the funniest guest thus far, though, and was the most engaging. However, episode four has been released and it features actress/writer Issa Rae (Insecure) and she might have handled the speed and high-speed g’s better than anyone else.

When Rae first starts out, she’s ready to go. No fear. Most other guests seem a bit apprehensive to get into a very fast car on a racetrack, usually for the first time, and hit speeds they’ve likely never experienced. Not Rae, though, she seems excited about it.

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Being that these are basically really fast Reddit AMAs, the questions start coming in and Rae answers them seemingly unfazed by the speed and g-forces. If anything, she wants the driver to go faster, telling him to “pump up the jams”.

After answering all of her questions without issue, it’s time for Rae to get behind the wheel. She gets off to a good start, hitting 107 mph on the straight, before Turn 1. That may not seem that quick, considering that the Audi R8 V10 she’s driving can flirt with a 200 mph top speed. However, for almost all normal people, 100 mph is very, very quick. Not many people will ever hit triple-digit speeds in a car in their life, simply because very few people actually get the opportunity to drive on a race track. So that’s fast for your average person.

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Then, Rae gets to be the passenger again, as they go quicker around the track than the first time. Like a pro, Rae keeps her eyes forward, mostly, and hands down, just swaying with the motions of the car. While Munn kept looking out of the side window and closing her eyes, which makes the feeling of speed and g-forces feel much, much worse, Rae does everything right and seems to have a blast. During the speed round, she laughs so hard she can barely answer the questions. Munn was the best guest until Issa Rae, who’s now been the best.

These “Think Faster” episodes are always funny and are a good way to get the performance of Audi Sport’s cars in the eyes of non-enthusiasts. We’re excited to see who’s guest-featured in episode five.

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