Is this minter first-gen Audi TT worth the money?

Awhile back, we discussed the first-gen Audi TT and whether or not it was/is the best generation in the history of the TT. It’s certainly the most iconic, considering it was the first and the fact that its design caused a massive stir when it was first released. In fact, its design is still stunning all these years later. But is it so iconic, so stunning that you should pay a hefty sum for this mint-condition one (we don’t own the photos of it, so you can see them at this clicky link)?


On sale in the Netherlands, this 2000 Audi TT is currently wearing a sticker price of €17,750 ($19,650). That’s a lot of money for a first-gen TT, especially when you consider the fact that you can find out for about $3,000 here in the ‘States. Of course, this one is near-perfect and any $3,000 TT is going to be pretty ratty. However, is mint TT really worth damn-near $20,000?

First-Gen Audi TT for Reference


Well, this specific one only has 28,000 km (about 17,000 miles) on the odometer, so it’s very fresh and barely driven. It’s also the correct color (silver) with a unique grey leather/Alcantara interior. So it looks very good, inside and out, and is in absolute pristine condition.


Powering this specific Audi TT is a 1.8 liter turbocharged four-pot, making about 170 hp when new, and it’s mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. We’ve recently discussed this specific engine/transmission combo, talking about its immense tuning potential and fun-to-drive nature. So while it’s a seriously underpowered by modern standards, it’s still a great powertrain.



We love the first-gen Audi TT, as it’s an absolute icon of the Audi brand, like it or no. Way back before I really knew anything about Audis, I knew of the TT Quattro, because it was so incredibly famous when it first debuted. Its unique and ageless styling, funky interior and peppy performance made it immensely popular, which helped to grow the brand’s prestige, especially in America.


So does being an icon make it worth this much money. To be honest, I actually don’t think so. Really nice examples can be found for a lot less money than this, even if they’ll have higher mileage. If you’re really looking for a time capsule, something that looks and feels as if it’s just been driven off the showroom floor in 2000, than this Audi TT might be for you. But if you just want a clean, low-mileage TT, you can find it elsewhere for less money.


[Source: AutoLeitner]
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