Is the current Audi A3 cabin really the best modern car interior?

As we wait for the next-generation Audi A3, maybe it’s time for some appreciation for the current-gen car. It might not be the best driving car on the market, nor is it the most luxurious but it does have a surprisingly nice interior. In fact, it’s interior is so good that Top Gear’s Ollie Kew claims it to be the very best on the market.


That’s a bold statement, obviously, especially when you consider how absurdly wonderful some luxury car interiors are. But when you take a closer look, consider the A3’s price point remember that it’s likely the last Audi interior with physical buttons, the Audi A3 cabin seems almost impossible to beat.


For starters, the design is fantastic. The Audi A3 was one of the brand’s first cars to adopt its minimalist dashboard design and it still works. A simple set of physical buttons sit above simple and great looking climate controls, while a pop-up infotainment system can rise and lower into the dash. Circular air vents adorn the front of the cabin and are not only great looking but a breeze (see what I did, there?) to operate, as well.


Then there’s the Virtual Cockpit, which remains the best digital driver’s display in the industry. Sure, its MMI infotainment system might be dated but the Virtual Cockpit is still ahead of the game.


It does have its faults, of course. The seats are too flat and there are some scratchy plastics in the door bins. However, those are minor gripes in an otherwise brilliant cabin. When you consider that it can be had for a relatively low price, the Audi A3 cabin starts to seem even better. While we don’t know if it’s the best cabin on the market, it’s certainly among the very best in its price range.

[Source: Top Gear]
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