Is the Audi SQ8 TDI actually better off as a diesel?

Audi has been diesel-izing its latest ‘S’ cars in Europe, much to the chagrin of Audi enthusiasts.  More often than that, diesel engines are less than ideal for performance cars. However, every once in awhile, a performance car might actually be better because of its diesel engine. Is the Audi SQ8 one such car?


According to this new review from Car Throttle, maybe. While hugely powerful petrol-powered performance SUVs — such as the Audi RS Q8, BMW X6 M and Lamborghini Urus — are still more desirable, the diesel-powered Audi SQ8 might just hit a sweet spot. And it’s all thanks to one power figure in particular: its 664 lb-ft of torque. That’s more torque than any of its realistic rivals.


Thanks to that mountain of torque, it only takes a slight prod of the accelerator pedal to rapidly change your speed. Dip your toe into the throttle and the might V8 diesel hurls the big Audi SQ8 toward the horizon. While its acceleration isn’t as thrilling as it is in the RS Q8, with its monster gasoline-V8, the diesel’s torque makes it more usable in the real world.


On top of that, the Audi SQ8 still handles like every other performance SUV, thanks to its as-standard adaptive air-suspension and all of the same clever handling tech as other sporty Audi SUVs. Obviously, it’s still a big ole barge, so it’s not exactly a scalpel-sharp sports car, regardless of its power. But as far as big performance SUVs go, it’s surprisingly fun.


Personally, I’d still prefer to have a high-power gasoline engine but I can fully understand the attraction to a diesel engine for everyday use. Its superior fuel economy, instant torquey punch and ease of use makes the Audi SQ8 TDI an attractive SUV for customers who need to haul people around but also want to do so quickly.


[Source: Car Throttle]
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