Is the Audi Q3 the best new crossover in its class?

Despite enthusiasts constantly complaining about the increasing amount of premium crossovers on the market, they’re incredibly popular. Us enthusiasts might hate them but customers love them. So car companies will continue to make them. And it shows, as there are more than ever before. However, they’re getting better, with some genuinely good cars being put out in the segment. Can the all-new Audi Q3 be among the best of them?


In this new review from CNET’s Roadshow, we take a look at the all-new, second-gen Audi Q3 and seems to think that the Q3 is among the best.


As we’ve mentioned several times before, we weren’t big fans of the first-gen Q3. In fact, we really, really disliked it. A lot. Now, though, this new second-gen car seems to be significantly improved. So much so that it has the chance to be the best in its class.



While we haven’t driven the new Q3 yet, we have seen it up close and poke around it and its interior, technology, fit and finish and practicality are all standouts in the segment. And we’ve also seen that it’s surprisingly capable off-road, despite not even having proper Quattro all-wheel drive but instead a Haldex all-wheel drive setup.


According to CNET, the only real downsides of the new Audi Q3 are that it’s not exactly fun to drive and it’s engine is a bit sluggish. Those things matter to enthusiasts but not so much for 90-percent of customers. Instead, most customers want something comfortable, high-tech, practical and premium and the Audi Q3 seems to be all of those things.


Without driving it, we can’t say whether or not it deserves to be in the conversation for the best small premium crossover on the market. However, it seems to be trending in that direction, considering what other publications are saying. We’re interested to try it out for ourselves.


[Source: CNET’s Roadshow]
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