Is Daytona Gray the best color for the new Audi R8 ?

Here is the new Audi R8 painted in what could possibly be the best hue for this second generation. This is actually the range-topping V10 Plus variant and has received the Daytona Gray pearl effect exterior paint scheme which we are tempted to believe serves the supercar the best. Those who are fond of this paint should know that it’s available without any extra costs, along with the three unit paints: Dynamic Red, Ibis White and Vegas Yellow.

There are a bunch of metallic paints available without having to pay more, such as Camouflage Green, Florett Silver, Mythos Black, Suzuka Gray and Tango Red. Those willing to pay extra can go for the crystal-effect Ara Blue finish available for €1,550 while the aforementioned Camouflage Green can also be had in a matte look for a rather steep €5,500. Needless to say, there are also a bunch of special uni, pearl and metallic paints from the Individual catalog and each of these can be purchased for an additional €3,100.

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In the end, choosing the paint of a car is a matter of personal taste but if we were to buy the new Audi R8, the Daytona Gray paint would be our top choice as it looks seriously cool and serves the evolutionary design very well.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.