Is Audi the most youthful luxury brand?

There was a time when BMW was considered the brand for young up-and-comers who are just starting to become successful young people. It was the brand to buy if you wanted luxury and performance but weren’t a stuffed-shirt who bought Mercedes-Benz’s. But now, it seems that Audi is that brand, the brand that young people aspire to get into.

Then again, it should be, as Audi has been fighting tooth and nail to become the brand that young people want. One of Audi’s biggest goals the past couple of years has been to bring in a younger audience, hence the push for cars like the A3 and putting LED lights on virtually every part of its cars. The idea is to bring in a young audience, who will get into cars like the A3 or Q3 and move up in the brand as they get older and more successful. So Audi’s marketing has been aiming at youths and it seems to be working.

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Audi A3 Carbon Edition
Audi A3 Carbon Edition

It’s quite obvious, as there are far more young people getting into cars with four rings than any other luxury brand. The Audi A3 has been crushing the BMW 2 Series and Mercedes-Benz CLA in the sales department. Despite the 2 Series being the best car in that segment, to be brutally honest (it’s faster, more efficient, more fun and even has more overall interior room, despite being a coupe, than the other two), the A3 wins out in sales. That’s because its looks and style are more attractive to young buyers. A price tag that’s lowest of the bunch doesn’t hurt, though that basement model is nothing more than a gussied up VW Jetta. However, that doesn’t bother most young drivers much, as most of them can’t tell the difference nor would they care if they could. So the A3 sells more simply for being what young people want more than the other cars in the segment.

Audi also is more popular amongst the tuner crowd than BMW and especially Mercedes. Late teenagers and early twenty-somethings like to tinker with their cars and it seems like those tinkerers choose Audi more than other luxury brands. Admittedly, it is the easiest and least expensive to get into. Most older Audis can be had for relatively little money and, having their parts be part of the Volkswagen Group, they’re cheaper to repair than other luxury brands.

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Modified Audi S4 B5

All of this has combined to make Audi one of the most popular luxury brands for youths, if not the most popular. Audi’s new marketing scheme definitely seems to be working if its more youthful models, like the A3 and Q3, are selling more than their competition and attracting a more youthful tuning crowd. All luxury automakers, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Lexus, are all trying to achieve a younger audience, but it seems as if Audi might have the advantage of youth.

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