Ibis White Audi B8 S4 Gets A Set Of Directional Wheels

With the current Audi S4 on its way out, plenty people will want to tune their vehicles. Consequently, the owner of this Ibis White Audi S4 decided to go for a set of aftermarket wheels. For many, this is the perfect modding option: easy, somewhat affordable, makes the car look great and can raise the resale value somewhat, depending on the buyer.

Because the Audi S4 is a high-performance vehicle, you cannot just slap any old wheel setup on this. As a result, the owner of this S4 went with a set of high-quality ADV.1 Wheels for his build. The U.S. wheel maker is synonymous with quality and crazy designs. The set installed on this vehicle follows along the same lines, as the car features the ADV8R Directional Track Function wheels installed. These wheels are light, forged and come with incredible rigidity, providing a perfect upgrade for a car like this.

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Ibis White Audi B8 S4 Gets A Set Of Directional Wheels

The wheels installed are sized 20×10 in the front and 20×10 in the rear, respectively. Most of all, these wheels feature a Brushed Aluminum with Polished Gloss finish, a perfect match for the vehicle’s color.  Full media gallery is available right below.


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