I sort of love this Bugatti Veyron-skinned Mk1 Audi TT

I always find it fascinating when car owners add fake bodies to their cars, in an attempt to make it look like some sort of supercar or hypercar. I’ve seen Pontiacs dressed up as Ferraris, Toyotas as Lamborghinis and countless other absurd pairings. However, this one might be the silliest of them all — a Mk1 Audi TT modified to look like a Bugatti Veyron. I sort of love it. (We don’t own the pics but see them here)


These cars are always funny in a cringe-worthy sort of way. Did the owner really think the TT would look like a Veyron? Did they think it would actually convince anyone? Apparently so because here we are.

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They Tried to Make an Audi TT (Pictured Above) Look Like This…



My favorite part about this car specifically is the fact that the owner barely did anything to actually modify it. All they did was graft some sort of Veyron-eque grille onto the Audi TT face and give it a paint job that mildly represents the swooping “C” shape of modern Bugattis. Oh and they stuck a wing large enough to fit a buffalo head underneath it to the rear of the car.


The rest of the car is so obviously an Audi TT, though. Hell, even the wheels are stock Audi wheels, just painted black and fitted with Bugatti center caps. I have those same wheels, only in original spec, on my B6 A4. Did this owner think these wheels wouldn’t go unnoticed?

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But I think, objectively, the best part about the car is on the inside. Just in case someone sat inside the car, the owner didn’t want to let their passengers know it was an Audi. So they ripped the airbag off the steering wheel. They didn’t fit it with a different steering wheel or try and fudge some sort of Bugatti badge onto it. Nope, instead they just ripped the damn thing off and let it be. So not only does the car not have a driver’s side airbag but the steering wheel has a big hole in it. Very Bugatti-like.


This car is absurd and ridiculous and hilarious and amazing and I love the fact that it exists. Oh, and it’s for sale.

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[Source: Car Scoops]
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