Hyundai Will Replace Audi as Car Sponsor for Spider-Man Sequel

Since the beginning of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Audi has been the car of choice for most Marvel superheroes. Iron Man was the first, as Tony Stark famously drove the original Audi R8 for its first on-screen presence back in 2008. More recently, though, there have been a couple of Spider-Man movies that have featured Audis as well, with the Audi e-tron being featured in the sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home. However, it seems as if Audi won’t be featured in any of Spidey’s movies for the foreseeable future.


While Spider-Man is a Marvel character, the rights to any Spider-Man movies are owned by Sony Pictures. Sony recently made a deal with Hyundai for the next five Spidey movies, replacing Audi as the official sponsor for the Queens-based web-slinger.

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“This strategic partnership with Sony Pictures will allow customers to understand and experience our human-centered future mobility vision through innovative vehicles and technologies, illuminating a way forward for transforming how we move, interact, and design our lives for optimal benefits. We will offer various ways to inspire our customers and movie fans around the globe,” said Wonhong Cho, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai Motor.


“This deal embodies the true definition of the word partnership,” said Jeffrey Godsick, EVP of Global Partnerships and Brand Management, and Head of Location Based Entertainment at Sony Pictures Entertainment. “The deal has many layers, including substantial marketing support, but its real potential and impact come from groundbreaking content that we will develop together.”

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While it’s sad that we won’t get to see anymore interesting e-tron models in the next few upcoming Spider-Man movies, Marvel and Audi are still partnered so we’ll see four-ringed vehicles transporting more superheroes for the foreseeable future. There was a commercial with Brie Larson, reprising her role as Captain Marvel, for the Audi e-tron. Maybe she can be the next Tony Stark.

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