H&R had a pair of Audi RS3 Sedans at the 2017 SEMA Show

Now that the Audi RS3 Sedan is here in America, tuners are having a blast. The RS3 Sedan is the first of its kind to come ‘Stateside and it marks the brand’s smallest, least expensive performance sedan. So it’s the sort of car that tuners drool over. Especially considering its power and performance. At this year’s 2017 SEMA Show, suspension experts H&R had a pair of Audi RS3 Sedans lowered on coilovers, which is actually rather tame for SEMA. And, of course, we have some live photos of these RS3 Sedans with H&R Coilovers.

The first Audi RS3 shown the more tame of the two, painted in what seems to be some sort of grey-ish brown-ish bronzy color. It’s sitting on H&R coilovers, lowering it just enough to get rid of wheel gap. It’s not slammed, it’s not too crazy, it just looks good. It’s also wearing a set of new, black wheels that look really good. The larger wheels look good on the small, stubby body of the RS3. It also gets a few carbon fiber bits, such as the mirror caps and the small rear lip spoiler. It looks slick and very good, while not being too flashy.

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The second Audi RS3 Sedan at SEMA was painted in a much more flamboyant shade of orange. This is the car I like a lot more, as the RS3 is a bit staid in its design, so this bright, sunburst orange paintwork looks really good on it. Plus, the dark carbon fiber details contrast so well against the vibrant paint. I also really like the 20″ Audi wheels, finished in aluminum, that seem to be from an Audi R8 V10 Plus. They look really cool on the Audi RS3 and better than the wheels on the other H&R-tuned car. Obviously, this RS3 is also sitting on new H&R Coilovers.

By SEMA standards, these two cars are milquetoast, as most cars at SEMA are insane and obnoxious. However, we like these two quite a bit and think H&R has done a good job. We’d love to feel the difference between H&R’s coilover setup and the stock Audi RS3 setup. Check out the gallery below.

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