How to Properly Clean Your Car During Coronavirus Pandemic

We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, with most major countries calling for self-quarantine of its citizens. Health officials and professionals are calling for people to stay in their homes and away from as many people as absolutely possible, to try and slow the spread of the virus and flatten the curve. However, if you must go out and drive your car, here are some cleaning tips to make sure your car stays virus free.


Wear Disposable Gloves


While cleaning your car, wearing a pair of disposable nitrile gloves is probably wise. The Coronavirus can survive on plastics for a surprisingly long time, so rubber gloves can keep your hands free of contact with the virus.

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Soap and Water Will Do the Trick


While you’re going to want to use heavier-duty products to clean your house, soap and water will do just fine in your car. The detergents in the soap actually help to break down viruses, if given time, while not breaking down the materials of your car. If you use bleach or alcohol, you might do damage to some of the materials inside the car. So just soap and water is fine, just make sure you let the soap sit on surfaces for at least 20 seconds. Make sure to pay special attention to touch points; steering wheel, shift lever, door handles and buttons.


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Keep Your Hands Clean


This one sounds simple but it’s important. Cleaning your entire car means nothing if you’re going to go into a store, touch a bunch of stuff and then get back into your car without cleaning your hands. Use some sort of hand sanitizer and clean your hands before getting back in your car. This way, your car stays clean.


Don’t Use Alcohol or Bleach on Touchscreens


Alcohol or bleach can ruin the touchscreen in your car, so try an avoid using them. Instead, use an alcohol or bleach-free wipe to clean them off, this way you’re not giving yourself and expensive repair bill in a time like this.


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Try to Drive as Little as Possible


We’re not usually ones to advocate keeping your car parked in the driveway. We’re very much part of the drive-as-much-as-possible club. However, in these times, it’s best to stay home, keep your distance from anyone that isn’t immediate family and stay safe. So as much as we love to drive, now isn’t the time.


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