How to buy an Audi TT on the cheap

With the economy hurting, most people’s wallets are keeping then from spending on premium items such as cars. However, we bring good news! We’ve found a Mk I Audi TT that can be had for substantially less than what even a used TT can be purchased for! If you’re interested, you can quickly pick up this TT at a bargain basement price of $4,395 – and it does nearly 50 miles to the gallon! 


Alright, now that we’ve given the good news, let’s talk about the bad news. First off, this isn’t an Audi TT, it’s really a Daihastu Copen powered by its 1.4L, 87HP engine that  has been dressed up to be a Mk I Audi TT. Hey – it’s even got alloy wheels! It’s a sad attempt, but at least this guy went all the way by trying to get everything down to the lights and grill to look as close to the TT as he could with what he had to work with. However, if you’re feeling thrifty and are interested in a used non-Audi TT Audi TT, then feel free to surf over to Ebay UK to pick up this lil beauty.


(Source: Autoblog.nl via Jalopnik)