How to best configure the new Audi A4

We’ve all heard the news that the brand-new Audi A4 will be debuting at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show and it will be the North American premiere of Audi’s newest A4. Audi has also launched the online configurator for the new A4 on its website. This is always a fun tool to use, as it allows you to build a car exactly how you’d want it. Us gearheads love to go online and play with these builders and explore the different possibilities. But real buyers can use these tools to figure out exactly how they want their car before they go look on dealer lots.

The new Audi A4 comes with many different trim levels and many different options and, as a buyer, it can be a bit tricky to figure out which options and trims are worth it. Well, if you’re like us and value performance over all else, we can give you a bit of a buyer’s guide to help you figure out which options and trim levels are worth getting. So let’s configure the new A4.

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Audi A4 config


When you first open up the Audi A4’s builder, it asks you to pick a trim level, of which there are three: Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige. The best one to choose, in our eyes, is the Premium Plus, at $41,100. It isn’t much more money than the standard Premium ($37,300) and it comes with way more than enough kit as standard. After selecting Premium Plus, you’re then told to choose whether you want front or all-wheel drive. Considering that the Quattro model only bumps the price to $43,200, it’s worth it. Plus, who really wants front-wheel drive on a premium sports sedan?

Now it’s time to choose your colors. This is obviously a personal choice, but we quite like the Tango Red and Mythos Black. Interior color and wheel options are also a personal preference, so choose whatever you’d like. In terms of options, though, we can guide you through what’s necessary and what isn’t.

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Now, one option that is absolutely necessary is the Virtual Cockpit digital gauge cluster. After using it, it’s hard to go back to anything else. Unfortunately, Audi only packages it with the rest of the technology package which will set you back a hefty $3,250. But it’s worth it, as it also comes with sat-nav with Google Earth, MMI Plus, Audi Connect and Audi Pre-Sense Rear. The Sports Package also seems like good value for the money, as for only $750 you get Sport Seats, with 4-way lumbar, a black headliner and sport suspension. That’s a good deal and an option we’d check. The Cold Weather package is great for people in colder climates, but for folks on the west coast, it’s not necessary. Everything, we’d leave out.

Audi A4 interior config

So that’s our Audi A4. Not many options to choose from, actually, as the A4 comes with so much kit as standard, but out of the options that are there, these are what we’d choose. Hope it helps.

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