How Does the Audi RS6 Avant Handle on Track?

As much as we love the Audi RS6 Avant, it’s not much of a track car. Then again, it isn’t meant to be. The RS6 is designed more to be a do-it-all, everyday driver; something that’s fast, fun, comfortable, practical and great looking. It’s a daily driver that’s fun enough to keep you satisfied but it’s not some weekend, track-day toy. Or is it?


In this new video from Hagerty, we get to check out the new Audi RS6 Avant and whether or not it’s actually any good on track.


First up, the RS6 gets lapped around Chuckwalla Raceway by Hagerty contributor Kevin Madsen, who seems impressed with the RS6. Despite being a very heavy (nearly 5,000 lbs), the but Audi wagon is shockingly nimble, with great steering and impressive brakes. What’s interesting is that we heard the opposite from Motor Trend a few days ago. We’d like to test it ourselves to see who’s right.

After that, pro driver Robb Holland takes it for a spin on the same track and he seems to like it quite a bit more than Madsen. He points out just how balanced it is and how it lacks understeer, which is shocking for a front-heavy Audi. He also commends it for its rear-wheel steering, which really works with you to help the car out of corners and does so in a way that doesn’t feel artificial.

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When it comes to finally ranking the cars, Madsen takes a much more tempered approach, giving it good but not perfect scores. Holland does the opposite and gives it a perfect score. He cheated a bit to do so, by giving it an eleven out of ten in the “Sound” category, but because one other category received a score of nine out of ten, it evened out. Though, Holland seems to have actually placed an order for an RS6, so he might not be the most objective person to ask about it.


Check out the video and see for yourself who’s right about the new Audi RS6 Avant. Either way, we’re happy it’s finally here in the ‘States.

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