How does the Audi RS Q3 stack up against the Ur Quattro?

Despite their five-cylinder engine configurations and general unflappability, there’s very little to connect the original Audi Ur Quattro and the all-new Audi RS Q3. Sure, Audi claims that the RS Q3 has styling inspired by the Quattro and that it somehow shares its lineage but, in reality, the two really couldn’t be more different. In this new comparison test from Top Gear, we get to learn why.


It’s been forty years since the release of the original Audi Ur Quattro, a car that revolutionized the performance car. When the Quattro first arrived, it challenged the notion that four-wheel drive was only for off-roaders. Fast forward forty years and all-wheel drive is almost standard on every car on sale. What’s also ironic is that now all-wheel drive is used on SUVs — cars that were traditionally off-roaders — for performance purposes.

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So what happens when the original car meets its supposed modern equivalent? Well, it turns out that the old car still has a lot to teach the new car.


Both cars are fast and are effortless to drive quickly. However, they’re effortless and easy for different reasons. The RS Q3 is easy because it isolates you from the experience while the Ur Quattro is easy because no matter how hard you push it, it seems as if you haven’t reach its performance potential. It feels that the braver you get, the more you can get out of the car, which makes it far more rewarding than the RS Q3.

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While the Audi RS Q3 is technically impressive, it’s the Ur Quattro you want to actually drive. Sure, the new Q3 will smoke a Quattro on tarmac, thanks to its doubled power output and a 0-60 mph time that’s about three seconds faster. However, none of that matters when you’re behind the wheel because it’s the forty-year-old that makes you want to push it harder.


[Source: Top Gear]
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