How do Tesla Model 3 owners like their cars and should Audi be worried?

There may not be a more polarizing car on the market than the Tesla Model 3. When it was first introduced, the Model 3 was supposed to revolutionize the industry by offering a premium electric sedan with tons of range to the average customer. While it hasn’t quite revolutionized the industry, as it’s still too expensive and the brand hasn’t met its original base price claims, it’s still a very good, very important car. But now that it’s been on sale for a couple of years, how do its customers actually like it? Bloomberg recently found out.

After surveying over 5,000 Tesla Model 3 customers, Bloomberg found that not only do Model 3 customers love their cars but they’re willing to leave other brands to get into them. In fact, most Model 3 customers switched over to Tesla from rival premium brands. Sure, some customers jumped up from more mainstream brands like Honda and Chevrolet but the majority have come from BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

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Which leads us to our next question: should Audi be worried? The answer is a bit interesting, actually. On paper, the answer is yes. Audi is a premium brand that competes in the same space as the Tesla Model 3 but also doesn’t have a car that can directly compete. For example, the Audi A4 lacks either a full BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) or hybrid powertrain option. So if that’s what a customer is looking for, the A4 isn’t going to sway Model 3 customers.



Having said that, Audi is making a strong push for electric vehicles lately. It all started with the e-tron SUV, which is a very impressive first-attempt at a pure EV. The e-tron Sportback will be unveiled next week at the LA Auto Show, the Q4 e-tron is currently under development and the supercar-slaying e-tron GT should be out within a year. So Audi is making a big effort to increase its EV portfolio, which will buy it major EV-cred among customers.

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The brand that needs to fear Tesla the most is BMW, which is loses many 3 Series customers to the Tesla Model 3. While not in the top three, Audi is also among the brands losing customers to Silicon Valley’s cheapest car. So Audi does need to worry but maybe not as much as other brands and its worry might begin to ease even further as the years go by and its EV portfolio expands.


[Source: Bloomberg]
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