Horch name might be revived for flagship Audi A8

Before Audi became Audi, it was part of the Auto Union, which was a group of four German car brands. Part of the Auto Union was a brand called Horch, which developed uber high-end luxury cars and was very successful. However, after the Auto Union became defunct in 1969, Horch disappeared with it. Audi plans on reviving the name as a premium trim level as a flagship Audi A8.

The idea is very similar to what Mercedes-Benz has recently done with Maybach. The Maybach name had just as much prestige, if not more, than Horch and Mercedes uses its name as the top-of-the-line trim level for the S-Class. While it’s said to be more than a trim level, that’s actually what it is.

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Audi wants to do something similar with the A8 and the Horch name. According to Auto News, the Audi A8 Horch will get more equipment than the standard A8 and will sport “Horch” badges on the C-pillars. There’s no specific word on engines but it will either come with a V8 or, more likely, a W12. Audi had planned on developing a W12 version of this new A8 but one hasn’t been announced. So it’s likely that the brand could be waiting for a Horch.

It’s a smart move by Audi, if you ask us. Mercedes-Maybach is quite popular among the uber wealthy and the Horch name could allow Audi to compete with not only Maybach but also BMW’s premium brand, Rolls Royce. Also, Audi has Bentley as a fellow VW Group sibling for advice.

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It must be said that nothing is official as of yet but it seems that credible sources are saying it’s going to happen. If so, that’s exciting news, as the Audi A8 Horch could become a major player in the ultra-high-end luxury segment.

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