High Res photos from Audi’s New York booth

One of our good buddies happened to do something we only wish we could do this time of year: go see all of the wonderful displays for nearly every car manufacturer you could want to see at the New York International Auto Show. While wandering around taking in the sights, he came across the beautiful and robust Audi booth. 


In looking at these pictures, one thing you can tell about the Audi booth and the array of cars they had – it was very … red! On display you could find the new TTS with it’s 300HP turbocharged four-cylinder. Or, if perhaps you’re in the mood for something more relaxed for the weekend, check out the all-new A5 Cabrio with the styling of the A5 coupe replacing the outgoing B7 A4 Convertible. This car is expected to be running the same 3.2FSi engine found in the A5 and while Audi hasn’t released a price yet, expect it to be $5,000 to $10,000 north of the $40,000 price tag of the current A5. 

If you’re feeling a little more subdued but still want style and power, Audi had the supercharged A6 3.0T on display in Ibis White – sans Jason Statham but still looking ultra-stylish and ultra-fun with the new facelifted A6. 


(more pics after the jump)

If you’re feeling a bit more Type A then Audi had on display just the thing for you: The upcoming R8 V10 with its 5.2L 500 HP engine – in bright, bright red. While not on sale yet, we recommend you put your deposits down now on this car – if the dealer has any more spots left – in anticipation of its release later to the U.S. market later this fall. 

For those who want the opposite of overt, there was the fairly covert Audi A3 2.oTDI which helps to bring a sporty side to Audi’s diesel charge into the U.S. market. This model could prove particularly important as BMW is celebrating it’s own success with the 335d sedan and X5 diesel recently introduced in the U.S. market. Perhaps this is a sign of the times that Audi is listening to the market place and will bring more and more diesels to the U.S. like 4 Ring fans have yearned for over the past few years. 


All in all, New York looked to be a great show – we’re glad we had folks there to snap these great shots for us! Enjoy!

Special thanks to Horatiu for the awesome pics!