Hard Better Faster Stronger – R8 to get more hardcore


You heard it. Audi is already planning a more hardcore version of the R8 after only recently releasing the beastly R8 V10 – which is already producing a hair over the 500HP mark. However, instead of just cranking up horsepower to improve straight line performance, Audi will be putting the R8 on a diet.

As part of the diet, Autocar hints at the idea of simplified R8’s will much less luxury trim to cut back on weight meaning no radio, thinner seats, more carbon fiber. Autocar also features some spy shots that show the addition of a rear wing in place to keep the rear of the car planted thereby increasing rear grip. The rear wing is paired up with two small front wings attached to the front bumper to increase down force at the front allowing for better turn-in on corners. The spy photos show the to-be-expected testing of the new R8 on the Nurburgring crunching through laps to sort out the car. We’re predicting that power will not increase much but with significant weight savings and an increase in down force will surely turn faster lap times over the standard R8 and R8 V10. You can surely bet that the R8 V10 “Clubsport” as it’s been dubbed will cost a few more coin over the $146,000 price of the R8 V10.

Watch this space for more on the R8 V10 and its diet!

(Source: Autocar)