Happy 4th of July from the QuattroDaily Team!

Our audience is far reaching and international, so we don’t want to exclude any of our readers. However, as the majority of us are based in the US, today is a holiday that is important to us. It’s the 4th of July, our Independence Day, so we’d like to wish any of our American readers a happy holiday and hope you get to have a relaxing day of good food, good drink and good company, while practicing good social distancing, of course.


Audi obviously isn’t an American brand but it’s had a surprisingly good relationship with America over the decades. We’ll leave the unintended acceleration controversy out of it because that ended up being unfounded. However, Audi has done some great things in the ‘States.

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For instance, the Audi Ur Quattro decimated the all-time record at Pikes Peak with the fierce Michele Mouton behind the wheel. It also competed in the IMSA, with the absolutely incredible Audi 90 IMSA GTO, which was one of the brand’s coolest race cars in its entire history. Also, one of the coolest American on-screen heroes — Iron Man — drove the Audi R8 on the silver screen for its first big appearance.

Tony Stark and his Audi R8


On Independence Day, we’d normally tell you to get out and drive and enjoy your car on your day off. However, with quarantines and lockdowns still in effect, we won’t do that. Instead, we hope you can enjoy your day of relaxation and hopefully our Audi content can give you the car fix you might be needed.

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So stay safe, enjoy the holiday, have some good food, drink some good drinks and do so in good company (so long as you’re doing so in a safe and responsible manner, of course) on this Independence Day. So have a good one, from the entire QD.

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