Grand Opening for Ray Catena Audi

There are parties and then there are parties. What we attended Thursday night, November 5th, was the latter.

Ray Catena Grand Opening

Ray Catena is one of the largest names in the world of car dealerships on the East Coast. His name has become so influential that CEO of Audi North America, Mark Del Rosso, personally spoke with Mr. Catena himself about opening Audi dealerships in New Jersey. After Ray Catena’s massive success with brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche and now Maserati, Audi wanted in as well. After their discussion, Catena decided he was going to open an Audi dealership on one of New Jersey’s busiest highways, Route 9 in Freehold. What Catena opened in Freehold happens to be the largest Audi showroom on the East Coast and one of the more beautiful dealerships you’ll see. Shortly after opening Audi of Freehold, he opened another Audi dealership in Toms River, NJ, on Route 37 which is the highway that takes people to the famous (or infamous) Seaside Heights.

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Ray Catena Grand Opening

To celebrate both of these dealerships opening and putting the Ray Catena name together with Audi’s Four Rings, a grand opening party was held at the Audi of Freehold showroom and it was not one to miss. The valet took our car, a lowly by comparison B7 Audi A4 S-Line, and allowed us to walks a literal Red Carpet into the stunning showroom which was adorned by some of Audi’s finest products. Once inside, an Audi R8 V10, Audi S7 and the brand new, second-generation Q7 awaited guests. We were able to poke and prod and “ooh and ahh” at the gorgeous vehicles and it was out first look at a second-gen Q7 as they haven’t quite made it to the ‘States yet. I may be downing some of Audi’s other vehicle here, but to these eyes and hands, the new Q7 is the finest-made product yet to wear Four Rings.

But that wasn’t all, as we all had the pleasure of being graced with the presence of Audi’s R18 racer. What a beautiful piece of engineering. We’ve all seen the R18 in pictures and on TV, but to see it in person and really look at the attention to detail was an entirely different ballgame. It’s magnificent and stole the show, at least for us, and trust me, there was a show. A live band played but the band wasn’t just any band. Newark, New Jersey native, Max Weinberg of E Street Band fame was there to perform as well.

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Ray Catena Grand Opening


Overall, the grand opening party showed the kind of classy experience you’ll get from Ray Catena and his many dealerships. From the wonderful cars on display,  the magnificent Audi R18, Max Weinberg, the incredible food and even the large Four-Ringed ice sculptures, the entire party was first class. We thank Ray Catena for inviting us and allowing us to be part of the grand opening.

Ray Catena Grand Opening Audi R18

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