Gorgeous 1984 Audi Ur-Quattro up for sale on Bring-A-Trailer

Audi doesn’t have a ton of desirable classics, to be honest. The Audi brand really didn’t hit its stride until the early ’80s. However, when it finally did hit its stride, it did so brilliantly, with the Audi Ur-Quattro. And one is for sale on Bring-A-Trailer right now.

Then known just as the Audi Quattro, it dominated rally stages in the 1980s. It was a fire-spitting, mud-loving monster than flat out embarrassed everything that wasn’t named Lancia on the rally stage (there was an incredible rivalry between Audi and Lancia in WRC back in the day that’s worth reading about). Since WRC (World Rally Championship) needed its cars to be homologated, Audi needed to make some cars for the road and they’re quite rare today.

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Thankfully, there are some great ones still available and this 1984 example is one of them.

With only around 102,000 indicated miles on the clock, which is about perfect mileage for a car of that age. It’s low mileage for a car that’s 34 years old but it’s enough that the car hasn’t just been sitting it’s whole life. So you know this car runs like a tap.

It does have a brilliant engine, too. It’s a 2.1 liter turbocharged five-cylinder and it’s one of Audi’s better engines in its history. It also gets a five-speed manual gearbox (Five with a five. Nice) and, obviously, Quattro all-wheel drive. What was great about these old school Audi Ur-Quattro models is that they came with locking center and rear differentials. So you could electronically lock either one or both from inside the car.

This specific car has been repainted in its original color, Amazon Blue, and has tan leather inside. It also wears 15-inch wheels and Michelin tires.

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The original Audi Ur-Quattro is the best car Audi’s ever made. Better than the Audi R8, better than the TT RS, better than the Audi RS6. It’s the car that launched Audi into the brand it is today and it’s the car that consistently won rally races in the ’80s. So, if you can afford it, buy this Audi Ur-Quattro.

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