Gift Advice: DNA Collectibles Audi 200 Avant 20V Quattro 1:43 Scale Model

While there isn’t any major gift-giving holiday coming up for awhile, at least in the U.S., it’s never too early to start shopping for your favorite Audi enthusiast. Gearheads love little car-related gizmos, gadgets and trinkets. I’m not entirely sure why but anything car related, whether it be a keychain or a model car, we love. If you know an Audi enthusiast like that, this new scale model from DNA Collectibles could be the right gift for them. This model in particular is a rather unique choice as well — an Audi 200 Avant 20V Quattro.

DNA Collectibles is a new Switzerland-based start-up company specializing in extremely high-detail scale model cars. One of their first models was the Audi 200 Avant 20V Quattro and they recently sent us one to check out. After having giving it a close look, the first thing I thought was that it seems to be an excellent gift idea for an Audi fan.

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First of all, it comes very well packaged. Wrapped in a lovely black pouch (which doubles as a cleaning cloth), embossed with the ‘DNA Collectibles’ logo, it seems high-quality from the get-go. When you open the pouch, your met with a clear acrylic box with the car mounted to the bottom plate inside. The top of the box comes right off and can double as a stand. When you look closely, you can see just how well made and how detailed it really is. Everything down to the grille slats in the lower front air intake, to the tiny (and period correct) ‘Audi’ logo underneath the side reflector, to the interior, is so well detailed that it’s really quite remarkable.

The interior is what surprised me the most. The seats look fantastic, the door panels look sot on, the wood trim looks exactly like it did back in the early ’90s, there’s a manual gear lever with a wooden-looking knob and even the gauges are correct. Hell, even the trunk looks as if it has a trunk mat. It’s such a fantastically detailed little model car that any Audi enthusiast would love it.

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Now, it isn’t cheap. It normally goes for 79.00 CHF ($79.35), though it’s currently on sale for 59.00 CHF ($59.26), which is a bit expensive for a model car. However, you’re not going to find many model cars this detailed for much less than that and it really is a fine little gift idea. Plus, DNA Collectibles has an unusual but very interesting selection of cars. It’s not your typical Porsches and Ferraris, but rare and forgotten cars like the Audi 200 Avant 20V Quattro. But they have a few more choices as well, such as different Saabs, Subarus and even a Bond Bug. Hell, they even have the Honda Urban EV Concept. So for a car enthusiast, these are really special little gifts to put on their desk or in their garage.

So if you’re looking for a gift idea for that special Audi enthusiast in your life, or you’re just looking for a cool model car for yourself, please check out DNA Collectibles before you buy anything. You just might want a quirky little Audi wagon sitting on their or your desk.

Nico DeMattia

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