Get In-Depth with the Audi RS3 Sedan and Sportback with Autogefühl

At the moment, Audi has a lot of really cool cars. There’s the Audi e-tron GT, the RS6 Avant, and of course the Audi R8 are all great cars from the four-ringed brand. However, the most exciting for us at the moment, and potentially the coolest, is also the cheapest Audi Sport model you can get — the Audi RS3.


This new generation of Audi RS3 is also going to be the last internal combustion version ever. If Audi does bring the RS3 back again, it’s going to be electric, which makes this new RS3 the swansong for its 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine. More than that, though, Audi decided to send the RS3 out with a bang and give it a unique all-wheel drive system that not only allows it to send all of its power to the rear axle but will actively do so. Taking it one step further, it even has a drift mode, designed to keep the rear end of the car sliding around. Very atypical of the usually sensible Audi.

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In this new video, you can get an in-depth look at the new Audi RS3 with Autogefühl, who always goes through cars with a fine toothed comb.


The idea of drifting an Audi RS3 seems a bit odd to most car enthusiasts, as Audis are absolutely not known for drifting. Audis are known for initial understeer and massive traction on corner exit. However, this video from Autogefühl shows off just how well the Audi RS3 can drift. While doing it, the car shows off its live data; which tires are getting torque and how much. It’s pretty interesting.


On the track, the Audi RS3 also seems very tidy and typically Audi. So it seems that you can play around with the settings a bit and change the character of the car. If you want to stay nice and safe and quick, you can do that. If you want your RS3 to be more of a hooligan, it can do that, too.


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If you wanted to know more about the new Audi RS3; not just its performance but also what its interior, design, and practicality are like; this video is a must-watch.


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