What do we have to do to get an Audi Avant in America?

In America, there are exactly two wagons sold from the big German car companies — the BMW 330i Sports Wagon and Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon. Both occupy different segments, so they don’t compete with each other, but both share the fact that they’re sold on this side of the Atlantic. That makes them rare unicorns, as they’re the only two European wagons sold ‘Stateside. What’s missing? Any sort of Audi Avant.

Audi makes the best wagons in the business and we don’t get any. Sure, we get the Audi Allroad but that’s not the same. The Allroad is a wagon posing as an SUV, making it bad at being either. We need a proper Audi Avant in America, preferably the A4 Avant.

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The reason enthusiasts love wagons so much is that they provide a duality to make a sports car more viable for real folks. Real people have practicality needs that many sports cars cannot meet. But sports wagons like the Audi A4 Avant can, as it’s both fun to drive and incredibly practical. It also looks great, so there’s really no compromise. The only reason not to buy one is some sort of poorly judged hatred for wagons, something most Americans have.

Now, we already know that’s the reason for the lack of Avants in America — demand. Not many people in America like wagons, especially premium wagons. For some reason, Americans got it in their heads that wagons are for hippies and Subaru buyers (who am I kidding, those are the same thing) and don’t work for premium luxury brands. However, there’s obviously a big enough market for them, being that BMW and Mercedes are doing it. The market might be small but it’s big enough for the other two big Germans to sell some. We don’t care if it’s an Audi A4 Avant or Audi A6 Avant, we just want some Audi Avants here in America.

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