Germany will retest current Audis and VAG models to find out the fuel consumption and emissions levels


German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt has announced all models from VAG currently on sale will be tested to find out their fuel consumption and emissions levels.

This involves not just diesel models but gasoline-powered cars as well from the entire group, so aside from the Volkswagen core brand and Audi, the German authorities will also test the current models offered by Skoda and SEAT. This decision comes after an announcement earlier this week that Volkswagen understated the level of carbon dioxide emissions in approximately 800,000 vehicles sold mostly in Europe.

Dobrindt went on to specify that 200,000 of them are on the roads in Germany and these cars have a higher fuel consumption than originally stated, so as a consequence these cars are more expensive to run. The German government wants to force the Volkswagen Group to pay additional car taxes caused by the higher CO2 emissions levels, but it’s not known at this point the amount of this possible tax adjustment.

This news comes only a few hours after Volkswagen of America announced plans to stop selling cars in United States and Canada that are equipped with the V6 3.0 TDI which according to EPA has a defeat device as well.

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