Garage 419 Reviews the A6 3.0T

Do you like the new A6 3.0T? For those of you who watched the Super Bowl or have been on Audi’s homepage lately then you know Jason Statham is a fan. However, Matt Farah and the boys over at Garage 419 have also found a new, Statham-esque appreciation for the new, facelifted A6 with it’s potent, supercharged V6.

In the spirit of the Transporter series for which Jason Statham and Audi have now become inextricably linked, Matt takes the new A6 on his own Transporter mission by converting the Audi’s backseat into a lobster tank ala what you see in any Red Lobster foyer. Aside from the obviously spacious rear seating in the A6, it’s worth noting the beautiful two-tone interior, revised grill work and the addition of LED’s along with the new 3.0 blown V6 that can be seen in this video along with the intoxicating V6 exhaust coupled with it’s supercharger whine.

Check out the video below of the new A6 and the early demise of a poor lobster.