Full Top Gear cast of new hosts is revealed

A while back, the three main hosts of the largest motoring program in the world, Top Gear, were fired after an incident involving Jeremy Clarkson assaulting a producer of the show. The topic of whether or not Clarkson deserved to be fired was discussed ad nauseam, following the incident. But regardless of all of that, the fact remains that most fans will miss the show with Clarkson, Hammond and May at the helm.

We recently found out that British radio host, Chris Evans (not Captain America), will be the main host of the new Top Gear and rumors started to spread about who would join him. Well now, the word is finally out and it’s official. The new line of hosts for BBC’s new Top Gear will be Evans,  Chris Harris, Sabine Schmitz, Matt LeBlanc Eddie Jordan, Rory Reid and, of course, The Stig.

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James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond
James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond

If you aren’t already familiar with these people, Eddie Jordan is a former Formula One racer, Sabine Schmitz is a German race car driver whose nickname is “Queen of the Nurburgring”, Rory Reid is a car reviewer, Chris Harris is a famous British motoring journalist who hoons cars on YouTube and Matt LeBlanc obviously played the character “Joey” on the hit TV sitcom, Friends. So it’s quite the star-studded cast, as far as motoring shows go.

While it’s doubtful any group of presenters will be able to capture the magic of the original trio, this is quite a promising cast of characters. Harris is always entertaining to watch, as it is one of the few journos who can properly hoon a car, LeBlanc is hilarious and a genuine gearhead and Schmitz is an incredibly talented driver. This definitely seems like it could end up being a very good show and we look forward to it. But we will miss the previous Top Gear, despite all of the antics that ruined it at the end. Clarkson, Hammond and May are in the works of their own show, being hosted by Amazon Prime, so we do have that to look forward to as well.

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But in the meantime, let’s take a look at spme of the great Top Gear Audi memories over the years.

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