Former quattro boss Franciscus van Meel named BMW M chief

Ex quattro GmbH boss Franciscus van Meel will be joining BMW as the chief of the M division. This is big news it the corporate automotive world as a key member of one company is heading towards a major competitor starting January 1st, 2015 when Franciscus van Meel will effectively replace Dr. Friedrich Nitschke as Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW M GmbH.

BMW didn’t go into too many details but they talked about van Meel’s vast experience in management and also about his expertise when it comes down to performance models. It should be mentioned that Franciscus van Meel didn’t stay too long at Audi’s quattro division and it is believed this had something to do with disputes with Audi Technical Development boss Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg.

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Various rumors are indicating that Hackenberg wasn’t too happy to hear the second generation Audi R8 got delayed and he was also disappointed because the R8 e-tron never made it as a production model, even though the company previous confirmed the electrified R8 would be built.

Talking about BMW’s decision to name Franciscus van Meel as M boss, BMW’s Dr. Herbert Diess declared „The position of M GmbH on the market has never been better in the company’s history and it continues to achieve sales record after sales record.”

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