Forget Allroad, Audi needs a road-ready rally car

When the original Audi Quattro was ripping through rally stages and Pikes Peak, there were also production road car versions tearing up public streets. The production versions were obviously a lot less extreme and weren’t rally cars but they had the same bones as the cars that were driven by Michéle Mouton and Walter Röhrl through the dirt, mud and snow. There was the very limited Sport Quattro, though, which was more hardcore and more ready for racing. Audi needs another one. Forget the Allroads, we want another road-spec rally car.

Admittedly, Audi doesn’t really have the base car to make one like it did back in the ’80s. However, that doesn’t mean that Audi can’t make something awesome from what it has. While there’s no rally-specific car Audi currently makes to homologate for road use, it could definitely make a rally-like version of one of its current cars. Hell, one of it’s Volkswagen Group siblings just did exactly that.


The Porsche 718 Cayman Clubsport was just a rally-spec concept that Porsche claimed it would only put into limited-production if it received 100 orders or more. Of course it got the orders it needed, as the concept looked incredible. So if Porsche can make a limited-run rally-ready Cayman, Audi can do something similar.

For instance, take an RS3 Sportback, strip out some of its interior, give it a roll cage, adjustable suspension, at least 50 more horsepower and give it some lightweight wheels with all-terrain tires. That would be incredible and we’d be willing to bet that if Audi showed off such a car as a concept, it would receive orders just as quickly as Porsche did.

Audi did it in the past, with the Sport Quattro and it can do it again. Allroads are silly and aren’t actually good at handling “all roads”. So the folks in Ingolstadt need to ditch the pseudo off-road image and get back to what they used to be great at — tearing up dirt roads.

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