First Pictures of the TT RS

Good news and bad news, sports fans.

Here are the first “teaser” pics of the 2010 TT RS. As said before, the TT RS will have a tubrocharged five cylinder engine producing somewhere around 350HP mated to quattro all-wheel-drive to help plant all of that power to the tarmac. Buyers can also expect a number of cosmetic upgrades such as the RS oval tailpipes, huge air intakes, bigger wheels and LED’s within the headlamps and taillamps. From the pictures it looks like buyers also get a fixed rear wing, unlike the retractable rear wing on the standard TT.


The bad news: rumor has it that the U.S. market will sit this round out and not receive the TT RS. Which means this is the second Audi in recent times that wouldn’t come stateside. The American market already missed out on the 2009 turbocharged V10 RS6 Avant and it appears we’ll be missing out on the next great RS model – Audi, you’re killing us over here!

Watch this space for more information about the TT RS when it drops at the Geneva Motor Show in March.