First autonomous driving permit in California given to Audi

Audi of America has announced they are the beneficiary of the first autonomous driving permit issued by the state of California. Towards the end of July we saw Audi demonstrating the automated piloted driving tech in Florida and now they have been awarded with the newly established driving permit for autonomous driving in California where starting this week an array of new regulations related to testing of automated driving has been implemented.

It should be mentioned that Audi has done research over tens of thousands miles in various states in the U.S. as well as in Europe where such tests are legally allowed. All these were conducted to help develop an automated piloted driving system tailored to freeway traffic conditions. The aforementioned autonomous driving permit in California is very important to Audi as this is where they have the Electronics Research Lab.

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Engineers working at ERL are working on several automated driving issues such as human-machine interface prompts which indicate when the human behind the wheel or the vehicle are in charge of the car’s handling functions. The new regulations in California include proof of insurance or surety bonds for car manufacturers that are testing automated driving research cars such as the Audi A7 Traffic Jam Pilot prototype depicted here.

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